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TheNorth Miami Beach Chiropractor – Treatment for Painful Popping and Clicking

The human body is an amazing machine, capable of a wide range of functions and movements. After years of repeating these movements and testing the limits of the joints, it’s no surprise that eventually, some damage is going to occur. When you hear clicking or popping sounds coming from any area of your body, it’s usually due to damage, inflammation, or an injury. North Miami Beach FL, offers treatment to help eliminate the popping and clicking noises coming from your joints.

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The medical term for popping and clicking joints is “crepitus” and it’s more common than you may think. Most of the time, the noise occurs without any pain. If you have other symptoms, you should get them checked out. The sounds might come from a tight muscle, a tendon rubbing over the bone, or from the appearance of osteoarthritis. People sometimes experience popping and clicking noises from arthritis before they begin to feel any pain.

Sometimes the best way to avoid frequent noises from your joints is to move around more. Get the fluids in your joints moving and lubricate them to keep them quiet.

The North Miami Beach Chiropractor Offers Treatment for Painful Popping and Clicking

You might experience popping and clicking from any of your joints, including the jaw, your knees, your neck, shoulders, or your ankles. As long as there isn’t any pain or inflammation, it’s probably normal. But when other symptoms occur, it’s time to get your symptoms checked out. These symptoms indicate there is some degree of damage to the joint. Early chiropractic treatment can help alleviate your symptoms and prevent your condition from progressing.

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