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Runner’s Knee

For athletes of all ages, runner’s knee is a possibility. Here at Car accident chiropractor North Miami Beach, we treat runner’s knee and associated knee pain. With comprehensive chiropractic care, we help individuals who struggle with knee pain caused by overuse or injured knees. Learn more about runner’s knee and how we treat this condition here in Car accident chiropractor North Miami Beach at 16585 Northwest 2 Avenue #300 Miami, FL

What Is Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s knee is also known as chondromalacia patellae and is damage to the kneecap. You have cartilage under the kneecap and it serves as a shock absorbent material. If the cartilage is damaged, the kneecap experiences pain whenever you are using it more extensively. For example, if you kneel or squat or cross your legs, this can cause pain with runner’s knee.

What Are the Common Signs of Runner’s Knee?

If you have runner’s knee, you will suffer from knee pain and inflammation. You do not have to be a runner or an athlete to have runner’s knee. If you injure or overextend your knee, then you can suffer from this condition as well.

What Are the Treatments a Chiropractor Gives for Runner’s Knee?

Along with a chiropractic adjustment to realign your musculoskeletal system, we also offer other forms of sports medicine for runner’s knee. We use physical therapy to provide mobility as you recover from runner’s knee and any underlying sports injury. We also use massage therapy to work out your stiff muscles and swollen knee joints.

Treating Runner’s Knee in North Miami Beach

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