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Elbow Dislocations

If you have fallen or have been injured in an auto accident and think you have dislocated your elbow, it is important to seek medical care. Dr. Jared Rose is ready to treat your elbow dislocations. Begin by understanding what this type of common elbow injury is and how we treat it using chiropractic care.

What is an Elbow Dislocation?

An elbow dislocation is a painful injury of the arm that is more common among children than adults. The forearm and upper arm are separated from their typical position with the elbow. With an elbow dislocation, the arm is separated at the elbow. This differs from an elbow fracture or elbow sprain.

What is the Chiropractic Treatment for a Dislocated Elbow?

A dislocated elbow can successfully be treated using chiropractic care. Treatment of this injury involves getting the elbow back into the correct socket. Then, inflammation from the injury must be treated to help reduce the pain from the elbow. Massage therapy and acupuncture are both useful for resolving pain caused by tissue inflammation.

How Long Does it Take for a Dislocated Elbow to Heal?

When you have a dislocated elbow, it can take up to three weeks to heal without complications. However, if you use chiropractic therapy to stimulate cell production and healing, this time frame can be a short as one week. Plus, by using chiropractic treatments, you are not going to undergo surgery to treat your elbow, which shortens your recovery time even more.

Our Chiropractor Can Treat Elbow Dislocations

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