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Common Questions About Shoulder Pain Relief

At North Miami Beach Chiropractor our chiropractor can provide you with shoulder pain treatment.

No one is immune to shoulder pain both men and women from the young to the elderly are at risk for some type of shoulder injury that will require shoulder pain treatment from a chiropractor at some point during their lifetime.

Causes of Should Pain

Overusing your shoulder can cause common problems like bursitis and tendonitis. Resting your shoulder for a few days can help lessen the pain. On the other hand, these two conditions are usually chronic and require shoulder pain treatment by our chiropractor.

More serious shoulder problems such as a sports injury, car accident injury, traumatic injuries of any kind, frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, separation or dislocation, torn muscles, Avascular necrosis (bone tissue dies), pinched nerves can also cause great pain.

Chiropractic Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Before you can begin treatments, you will be asked about your history and receive a comprehensive physical exam of your body. Many times you may also need to have a diagnostic test or two such as an MRI or CT scan. These tests can help us understand how serious your injury may be.

An adjustment is a technique that is gentle and shouldn’t aggravate the surrounding tissue, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. An adjustment may be needed for the shoulder directly; however, back adjustments also help with shoulder pain, so a manual adjustment of the back/spine and neck is usually the first start. Different tools are used to help with the adjustment. Practicing proper posture and exercises can help keep the shoulder pain at bay after the adjustments.

Massage and soft tissue therapies are also available to help relieve your pain. At North Miami Beach Chiropractor, we have many services that can help give you some relief.

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